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Thanks all for congratulations and gifts. You made my day better!)
Wanna more my sketches? That's my tumblr :iconurhappyplz:
yuup! We have new icons X)

:iconmisterkay: :iconcheshirecatryuichi: :iconlillkun: :iconcellofun:
I visit with my lovely friend :iconcheshirecatryuichi: in Novocherkassk.
Month already! X) I haven't scanner here, but have Wacom Tablet!! and old photocamera whehehe) And most important news! Tomorrow we will ride to the sea!! yeees! Lazarevskoe and Sochi we GO!
I returned from Metallica concert!!! It was awesome!!!!!!! agrrrraaaaaah!!
My friend found soundtrack for my Russia/America strip X)))) original and dance version!!!! X))))
*hysterical laugh*
I was reading a short novel of King today. Its title is "The End of the Whole Mess". I think it will be  one of my favorite novels of him. The story compel think of a world, our problems and decisions of these problems. I still feel depressing. I dont like this mood, but it undeceive me and I understand people better.

I just want offering you this story. May be someone will like it.

I wanna draw something for this story, but I haven't  time.